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Gloucester MA

Wash Ashore

Glouthentic Tiny Island  Beach Glass has immortalized the Sicilian heritage of growing up in Gloucester, Massachusetts by letting our customers experience a blend of local culture that combines their favorite hometown traditions such as St. Peter's Fiesta and the Gloucester Schooner Festival with different art mediums.  

Whether you are looking for local handmade jewelry, or a popular Greasy T, Glouthentic(tm) Ornament or a beautiful canvas of our gorgeous Gloucester Harbor, I want you to have the unique experience of schopping local.

GetchaVIVA! On.

Greasy Pole Schtickahs!

​​​​​​​Greasy Gear(tm) is Glouthentic to Wear

Beach Bums

Important Copyright Information

The "Fisherman at the Wheel Silhouette."
​ and "The Greasy Pole." are copyrighted images that can be searched in the public record.  
Unauthorized use not permitted.

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